It was an incredible experience, Dave's vibration is really high and i could feel his energy right away. And most of all the way he presents his success with other people that he has helped though out the years. I got very a valuable technique and I started using it right away.Thank You Dave!!!!!! Manifest Manifest and More.......



Thanks for your wonderful suggestion on affecting traffic lights.. I made it all the way home on green!! 1 light that is never green was green.. using that within 10 sec rule still counts I needed on 3 lights but all the rest were GREEN!! It is nice to be empowered in traffic, no longer a slave to it. Thanks again for your great course. I am trying to make myself better each day, You have provided good suggestions.Take care.



I've definitely been able to celebrate some small manifestations over the past few weeks. Working on the bigger ones! Thanks for everything.



Great workshop!!!! So many things started to make sense while I was sitting there. Dave has an easy-going, insightful approach to explaining the Law of Attraction. Looking forward to the other workshops!



Great info in a great environment. Dave is practical and easy to learn from.