Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization technique where you visualize yourself jumping into alternate universes, and communicating with alternate versions of yourself. It’s the result of over 31 years of study in fields like hypnosis, yoga, meditation and remote viewing, to name a few. Quantum Jumping is the foundation behind many of my personal accomplishments, and after releasing it as an online home training program in December 2008, it has also helped over 180,000 people make anything from subtle to remarkable changes in their own lives—and I’m confident it can do the same for you.


Why? Well think about it. Imagine getting the chance to talk to your alternate selves—versions of you who’ve made different sets of choices and decisions in life. Think of how you could benefit from all their experiences, learn their skills and make better decisions. I see it as discovering your true potential. A potential you could never possibly have achieved, had you not got in touch with the Universal You—the You that you were always meant to be.


Thankfully, you don’t need to be a mad scientist to master Quantum Jumping. All you need is an open mind, and the willingness to learn. Once I’ve shown you how, you’ll be able to use the untapped power of your mind to ‘jump’ into alternate universes, and visit alternate versions of yourself who already have all the skills, knowledge and experience you desire.

- Burt Goldman



In the field of holistic health, energy medicine and energy psychology are growing rapidly. But in order to heal with energy effectively, we must first understand the nature of our energy system and how to support yourself in maintaining vital life-force energy, otherwise known as “chi” in Chinese. What do I mean by that? Everyone has an invisible energy system that flows energy on pathways or meridians. These same meridians have multiple pressure points that have been a means of working with the energy to keep it flowing. Acupressure, acupuncture, and reflexology are the more common modalities we have in the Western world.


When your energy is leaking, weak, or frozen you feel depleted, heavy and even stuck! When you are energy-depleted and challenged, it is more difficult to manage your emotions, think positive thoughts, stay healthy and attract harmony to your life.


I assisted a woman who was bedridden due to a severe case of chronic fatigue. I spent eight weeks working with her body’s energy system to restore it to good health, and teaching her how to take care of her own energy health. Today, she is out of bed and fully active! Her parents call it a miracle! I, on the other hand, think otherwise.

- Carol Tuttle



The Silva Method is perhaps the world’s most established human potential movement. Since 1966, we’ve helped over 6 million people in 110 countries tap into their mind power through a scientific process based on the findings of our late founder Jose Silva – the man widely credited with bringing the modern personal growth movement to the West. Our unique combination of Alpha and Theta level exercises, creative visualization, habit control and positive programming methods is used by everyone from successful CEOs to bestselling authors and artists to award-winning scientists and athletes.


The transformational power of these exercises comes from entering Alpha or Theta while fully awake. Studies show that being consciously in this state of mind leads to dramatically lower stress levels, higher levels of creativity and intuition, a deeper sense of clarity, and accelerated physical and emotional healing.



Even having just ONE Abundance Block is enough to completely derail your life.


For example what if you had an Abundance Block that causes you to believe hard work equals success? You might become the kind of person who works 60, 70, even 80 hours a week. You might come home late every night, and miss countless precious moments with your family and friends. You might even over-exert yourself, and end up in hospital or worse.

You see when left unchecked, even one single Abundance Block can ruin your life—and what I’ve found is that most of us have at least half a dozen Abundance Blocks affecting us to varying degrees.


And if just one Abundance Block can do so much damage, think about how a multitude of them could be sabotaging your career, your finances and your life as a whole. Picture how they could be holding you back from your true potential, and the wealth and abundance you deserve.



The same mind-body processes that work with hypochondriacs to eventually make themselves sick even after doctors can find nothing wrong are the very same processes that you can use to heal yourself.




  • Liberating yourself from the ball and chain of expensive and unnecessary medical procedures and side effect-laden medication.


  • Having the perfect health and vitality to focus on your career, spend quality time with your friends and family, and indulge in your hobbies.


  • Waking up every morning free of the debilitating aches and pains that hold you back from the quality of life you deserve.


  • Overcoming the depression and negativity that often comes with illness, and instead replacing it with an unbreakable sense of positivity and motivation in your everyday life.



As you go about your day (and even as you read this) your mind is in the Beta level. These low amplitude waves with multiple and varying frequencies are often associated with active, busy, or anxious trails of thought. When people meditate they are subconsciously switching their brain waves to the higher Alpha level, giving people that sought after sensation of relaxation and peace.


The difficulty for most, even seasoned meditation gurus, is getting to and staying at this higher level of brain activity. It’s all too easy for a ringing phone or passing car to knock you out of Alpha, plus there are the internal barriers to overcome like mental chatter or stray thoughts.


OmHarmonics is more than just a binaural based meditation audio – it’s the step beyond. Our Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT) guides you intro a state of profound relaxation by aligning your senses with audible heartbeats and breathing sounds. The synchronization of your senses helps your body find its natural rhythm and pave the way for an immersive introspective experience.






Your personal vibration frequency could be the ONE thing holding you back from abundance, happiness and success. Discover how to raise it, so you can finally start living from the vibration of Love or Above.


Right now, the average level of energy on Earth is around 207 — The level we should aim for, however, is 500 and above. 500 is the vibration of love. When you vibrate at this level life becomes drastically different. Love, joy, and abundance are suddenly within your grasp. Pain, stress, and struggle seem to melt away and you become a magnet for what you truly desire. But here’s where things get even better. Studies have shown that your energy doesn’t just affect you, but those around you too.


The conclusion? Everyone looking for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life should aim to overcome their energy blockages, and raise their energetic frequency to a level of Love or Above—a theory that many other reputable scientists have since come to support.




Imagine being so powerfully intuitive that you’ll never second-guess yourself ever again.


Imagine how that affects your career – when you’re always making the right business decisions, and choosing the most trustworthy partners. Imagine being able to tune in to exactly what your partner is feeling, and how that brings the two of you even closer. Imagine being able to rely on a strong “inner voice” that gives you confident ideas and answers to help you overcome any challenge.


All of this isn’t just reserved for the lucky few who were blessed with good fortune. Because we believe that strong intuition is something ANYONE can develop. Using Silva tools and techniques that have been perfected over 5 decades, you too could unleash the high-level intuitive potential you were born with. Just as over 6 million Silva graduates the world over have done.


Best-selling author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” Richard Bach credited The Silva Method openly in Harper’s Bazaar magazine for providing him with the idea of his book. He heard a voice say the title of his book during a walk one night, and his honed intuition told him to act upon it. He wrote what would become a book that sold over a million copies, and even made the cover of Time Magazine.




Just like an intergalactic rocket ship, your consciousness is designed for boundless exploration. Pure consciousness is not limited by time or space–and through astral projection, you can project your awareness to any time, place and source of wisdom on the planet. Or even different parts of the galaxy.


Imagine being able to see the Pyramids as they were being built. Picture yourself soaring through out-of-this-world astral realms where the rules of physics no longer apply. Or how about tapping into an endless well of intuition, creativity and knowledge, and having the most profound spiritual experience of your life?


The idea behind this phenomenon is that all living beings possess an astral body. People who astral project claim this astral body is connected to the physical body through the umbilicus (your belly button) along what is known as the silver cord.


When your astral body leaves your physical body, you are astral projecting–and this has been happening to people all over the world for centuries. Now before I show you how you can do this too, it’s important that you understand…


Are You Ready?