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30 DAY


Based on my book -

30 Day Guide To Creating An Awesome Life


30 days of manifesting techniques • technique mp3s to download • live weekly coaching calls
daily accountability sheets • weekly progress sheets • custom hypnosis mp3s • coaching call replays
24 hour access • custom journal • email support

You know, it is said that it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit. That is why this mastermind is so important for you. This intensive is driven by daily techniques and accountability in order for you to be able to make long lasting change.

You need to be committed to living a better life. This takes work and action every single day. It does not have to take hours each day BUT you need to be working on yourself every day no matter what is going on. This is the time to fit YOU into YOUR schedule!

We grow up being told that we are responsible for others and that we need to give give give. BUT what about you? What about love for you? What about giving to yourself? It is not selfish to desire a better life. It is not selfish to want to feel in control of your experiences.

The 30 Day Mind Intensive is designed to take you on an awakening journey. Each day you will acquire more understanding and more awareness of just how much of your life you really can control.

What do you get with the 30 Day Mastermind Intensive?

Morning Visualization

This is designed to help you “see” your day in a positive creative way instead of just another day at the salt mines. This technique involves emotion and visualization.

Happiness Meditation

In order to change your frequency on command you need to be able to draw that energy to you in a moments notice. This technique will show you how to quickly change to a positive flow by “time traveling” back to those moments when you were the happiest and relive them as if they are happening now.

Gratitude Technique

We all know that the more grateful you are the more open you are to receiving more abundance. This special gratitude technique uses the emotional energy inside you and teaches you how it can flow through you to manifest even stronger while writing by hand on a piece of paper.

Worry Analysis

We worry about a lot of things in life. But more often that not we are not really concerned with what we say or think we are. To get to the root of emotional issues we need to peel back the layers of the “worry onion” and get down to what is really causing the problem. Only then can we see everything for what it is and remove the main problem. This technique will help you quickly analyze what it really causing your grief.

Column A and B

In order to manifest properly we need to be able to separate what we do want from what we don’t want. This technique gives you a fast and easy way to list the wants and don’t wants so that you can focus on your positive creations and get on with living a happier life.

Changing Street Lights

Everything is energy. Visualization mixed with emotion and intent are the main factors in almost all the things that you manifest. Why should street lights be any different? WE/IT are electrical energy. You can tap into that energy by treating streetlights like any other manifesting project such as getting that great parking spot at the store. The actual process involved are the same. You can start doing this today!

Manifesting Conversations

A lot of stories you hear are “modified” from the original, yet we take them as gospel and it becomes a memory of its own. Manifesting conversations that have not happened yet is like that. You are in a sense creating a memory. Conversations like anything else are energy. This technique will show you how to control that next board meeting or job interview. It will also open your eyes to what is really possible.

I AM Affirmations

As kids we are not generally taught to love ourselves. Look around at the world today and you can see that. But how are we to truly serve and love others if we do not pay attention to ourselves? Words have power beyond belief and the ones you say about yourself are the most powerful. This technique will help get you into the habit of appreciating and loving yourself so that you are open to greater abundance.

Changing Time

Many of the greatest scientists have claimed that time does not really exist. Since everything is energy your time pieces are no different. Since your reality is all that really matters day to day, your perception of what time it is only matters to you. This technique will show you how “create” a time you wish to “see”. Once you start doing this your mind will explode will all sorts of ideas on how to apply this daily.

Each technique has a downloadable matching MP3

so that you can take the techniques with you wherever you go.


Accountability Worksheets

Daily and Weekly accountability sheets to keep you focused and on track.

Custom Hypnosis Meditations

Relaxation Hypnosis - 60 minutes long. Designed to get your entire body relaxed and instill happy positive concepts into your subconscious. Most people fall asleep while listening and it actually makes it easier.

Stress Relief Hypnosis - On your 15 minute break you can listen to this and change the rest of your day. Designed to quickly get you into the habit of breathing positive white energy while releasing all the stress from your body.


Live Coaching Calls

4 Live coaching calls at least an hour long each. These are designed to personally touch base with you, answer any questions you may have and enhance your knowledge of the law of attraction. Also you will have access to the calls through coaching call replays.

Experienced Coaching

When you need the skills to succeed, I can help with almost 50 years of experience with the study and practical application of universal laws and the connection to spirit. To match the experience, I have many success stories of my own using these very same techniques. I know how to make them work for you.

Custom Journal

Designed to help keep your thoughts private or to get feedback on your journey.

24 Hour Access

No matter what time day or night you will have access to your training and files.

Email Support

Remove Negative Beliefs

Special just for this course, I am including FOR FREE the same meditation I use to clear negative beliefs!!

This thing is incredible and you will be amazed when you first use it!!

For those times when you are just not sure and need a little more.