At 16 I was a high school drop out from a broken home filled with substance abuse, mental health issues and welfare. I used the laws of the universe to become a two time martial arts hall of fame nominee, create the world's first magazine for western martial arts, excel in aerospace and publishing and become the creator of 3 successful startup businesses. You no longer have to be victim of your past and you can create a new life for you and your family.

Dave Dickey, C.Ht.

Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Author, Law of Attraction Life Coach

  • I help people from all walks of life with personal and business issues to discover the power they have inside themselves so that they can make real, long lasting change in their lives.

  • As a Law of Attraction Life Coach I help people evolve past "The Secret" and realize that they really can control the energy in their daily lives.

  • With over forty years of business experience I help business owners, managers and employees discover how to re-imagine their business lives so that they create a win-win for everyone.

  • Combining my talents I help people eliminate fear and negative habits, create greater happiness, improve both personal and business relationships and start living life on their terms.

  • Author of the "30 Day Guide To Creating An Awesome Life". A book that is both a coach and journal in one. Filled with daily techniques and inspirational messages designed to awaken the power we each have deep inside.

Would you like to be happier and more certain about the future?